Everything here for calm and care during this CB exit.  This box has:

- A Bar Soap - Choice of a Bar Soap (please indicate choice in the comments during check out)

- A Handsoap - Tea Tree Handsoap made specially for times like these.  Tea Tree is known for its antiviral properties and this handcrafted soap ensures hands remain soft and moisturised.

- A Therapy Roll-on - Blends of essential oils is infused in this Calming aromatherapy roll-on.  A convenient carry-around item to soothe the anxiety of going back to work

- A Hand Sanitiser - Our pocket-sized alcohol-based sanitiser is made with aloe vera and glycerin, scented with tea tree and lavender and is not at all drying to the hands.  Great size for carrying around and just refill when empty.

- Shipping via Ninjavan - all boxes are sent via Ninjavan, hence do note that delivery would take several days. Do PM us for a quote if you'd like to specially arrange for same-day delivery

- Special Message - Just give us the message that you'd like to include and we'd print it out and enclose it in the box