A combination everyone loves.  Choice of 2 body soaps and a lovely scented soy wax candle.


Handmade in our own studio In Singapore, we use the finest oils, butters, pure essential oils and all-natural colours from clays and fruits for our soaps. Choose from our range for every skin type from dry skin to those working outdoors and prone to oily skin, to luxurious scrubs.  No SLS, no parabens, no nasties. Keeping soap dry between uses is the secret to getting your soaps perform well, so we've also included a convenient soap saver - choose from hemp bag  or wood dish.


Our small 12-hr soy wax candle is scented with our the beautiful Christmas scents, Sandalwood Lavender or Tuscany and handpoured individually. Sandalwood Lavender is a beautiful combination of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Lavender exuding a pleasant sweet floral but woodsy scent.  Tuscany is a scent ladies love!  A soft floral and amber with musk with a slight earthy tone completes this lovely combination.


Please note that Gift Sets will be couriered. Delivery is a flat rate of $4.00 per order, and will be added at checkout.


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