Introducing Hanging Garden - our latest creation! It's a little garden you can hang in any room in the house or office. A tablet of wonderfully scented soy wax adorned with pretty botanical flowers, fruits, spices and all pretty things. 


Every single piece is uniquely handmade and tied with a Christmas ribbon for the festive mood.  Scents lasts for several months and as it dissipates, you can hang them in cupboards or even break it up and melt it in a warmer to extract all the lovely scent.


Choose from:

Cinnaberrries - a yuletide log cabin-like favourite combining citrus, woodsy and spicy notes

Eucalyptus Mint - eucalyptus, rosemary and spearmint combines in this refreshing herb scent

Alpine Frost - this winter favourite is a beautiful cool mix of bergamot, eucalytus, cedarwood and musk

Lavender Honey Mint - a luxurious perfume-like blend of manuka lavender with a cool peppermint


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