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This handsoap with amazing lather is made by recycling USED COOKING OIL from RealFood Vegetarian Restaurant.  This is our way of showing what we can do to repurpose our everyday oil into something useful for everyone.   Full amount from this sale  is contributed by you to ZEROWASTESG to assist them in their good work on environmental advocacy.   Artisan's Garden contribution is to make the soaps and bear all costs for all other ingredients (lye, essential oils, added oils for moisturisation, natural additives).


These bars also make unique event giveaways or doorgifts, especially if they are in line with a sustainability theme.   Contact us for unique messaging or packaging arrangements.


Soaps are lightly fragranced with fruit juices, vegetable juices (eg pandan), or other available natural spices and powders (eg cocoa, turmeric, green tea, clays) and/or essential oils. 


Ingredients : 

Used Cooking Oil, Lye, Olive Oil, Fruit Juices or other natural colourings, essential oils. 



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