A meaningful gift to encourage your friends to start their Zero Waste journey.  The bathroom is the ideal place to begin decluttering all the plastic bottles.  Help them make the switch!


This bundle picks from the best and most popular of the ranges:

-  Full-size 100g bar of Body Soap (Tamanu Zen)

-  Bamboo soap dish

-  Sample size Dead Sea Mud Face Soap

-  Sample size Tea Tree Handsoap

-  Sample size Asian Herb Shampoo Soap Bar

-  Sample size Green Tea Conditioner 

(all sample sizes should give 7 to 12 days daily use, by which time we know they'll be converted to bar soap!)


If you prefer to gift a different body soap, just write your choice in the comments and we'd be glad to switch it up.


Refer to individual listing for list of ingredients.  Bundle with be packed in a brown kraft bag.  If you have a message, just give it to us and we'll include it in the gift.