There is a reason we love being old-fashioned.  Nourishing good soaps made the same way they were centuries ago when there were no synthetics and harmful toxic ingredients.  All our soaps are handmade in our own workshop in Singapore following our own recipes using oils and butters of the highest quality and natural colorants.  We do not support the use of palm oil.   Using handmade soaps also means that you're using less plastic bottles and that you no longer contribute to having synthetic and harmful ingredients flow into our water ecosystem. 

Handmade soaps are made with just pure oils and as such, it is important to keep the soap dry after every use.  Keeping your soap dry maintains the hardness of the soap and helps to lengthen its usage.


Our shampoo bars are pure soap bars.  Meaning, they do not contain synthetic ingredients and are made using the Hot Process method.  This allows us to add all the beneficial oils and ingredients to our Shampoo Bars for its cleansing and moisturising properties for your hair.